Why Choose Oil Based Paint over a Water Based, Latex One

Why Choose Oil Based Paint over a Water Based, Latex One

Oil based paint has a bad reputation. It is thicker and more difficult to apply, takes a longer time to dry, requires a larger, chemical clean-up process, and has stronger fumes. Despite these issues, however, this type of paint still has many advantages. Today, Home Painters Toronto is here to go over the reasons why you should consider using oil based paints over more readily available and convenient water based or latex ones.

Choose an Oil Based Paint if that’s what was Used Previously

Oil based paints stick better to oil based surfaces. If you’re painting your living room, for example, you will want to know whether the last paint job used a latex or oil based paint. If you’re unsure about the current paint type, there is an easy way to find out what you’re working with. Simply soak a cotton ball or an old – but clean – rag with rubbing alcohol and gently scrub the surface.

Latex paint will come off on the rag and leave a faded look on your walls, while an oil based one will remain unaffected. Latex paint won’t stick to an oil based surface, so it is best to use an oil based primer and paint on your walls if you want to save yourself from the headache of removing or covering up the previous coat.

Use Oil Based Paint if You Used an Oil Based Primer

If you want latex paint to stick properly to the walls, you’ll need a latex primer. Oil based primer and paint are also best friends. If you have primed your walls before you did the research and ended up applying an oil based primer, you will need to buy an oil based paint to match it. This will ensure that your fresh coat will continue to look great and last a long a time.

Works Best in Rooms with a lot of Moisture

Because water acts as a thinner for latex paint, moisture can easily penetrate and ruin your brand new paint job. For rooms like the bathroom or kitchen – or entire areas like the basement – oil based paint is often the best choice. This type is more equipped to resist humidity and water and will stand the test of time. You should also consider paints that are specifically made for high-moisture places and use a semi-gloss or satin sheen so that your walls have the best chance of looking new for as long as possible.

If You Want a Smooth Look, Oil Based Paint is the Best Choice

It almost sounds a little silly, but oil based paint just looks better. Experts agree that paint which is oil based goes on smoother and continues to look sleek after application. This is partly due to the fact that it is slightly thicker than water based or latex counterparts. While the thickness is also the reason that this type of paint takes a longer time to dry, the wait is worth the beautiful and professional looking walls you will have at the end of your home improvement project.


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Works Great on Surfaces that are Touched and Handled Often

Oil based paints are known to be the most durable when compared to other water based or latex paints. This means that it will hold up longer, especially in what are termed “high traffic” areas – or, places that get a lot of hands-on action. Trim, doors, cabinets, and window sills are all typically done with paint that is oil based when a professional contractor does the job, so you should seriously consider this option as well. It will ensure that these areas remain fresh and that their surfaces can be easily cleaned with a wet rag should they get dirty or oily.

This type of paint is also great in a child’s bedroom if you are worried about sticky hands and fingers ruining the walls. As long as you apply the paint properly and use an oil based primer beforehand, you should have no problems with paint peeling, chipping, or losing its renewed appearance anytime in the near future.

Need More Information on Oil Based Paint, or Looking for an Experienced Contractor?

If you’re still unsure whether oil based paints are right for the job you have in mind, why not give us a call? With over thirty years of experience in painting, we know everything there is to know about different types of paint: their uses, their advantages, and their disadvantages. We’re also here to help if you’re looking to hire someone that you can trust and depend on to paint your home and we offer free quotes! No matter what kind of paint, we can make your dreams come true. Contact brian@homepainterstoronto.com, call 416.494.9095  or click here for a FREE quote.

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