The Cost Estimate of Painting A Wrought Iron Fence

Here’s what it would  cost to paint a wrought iron fence

The wrought iron fence in front of the house needs colour to liven it up. Over time, exposed to the elements, wrought iron can become pitted and rusty and in need of refinishing. And what’s better than taking an antique and giving it an updated look?

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A fence deserves the same type of love… But exactly how much do you want to spend on painting it? Let’s go over the cost with you.


It all depends on how long is your fence. Obviously, a do-it-yourself project will save you more money than hiring a professional. All you would need to buy are painting supplies, primer and paint. This could cost you anywhere between $50-$150 total. This is for your basic primer and rust inhibitor job, if the job requires more supplies such as; a multi-coloured or glossy finish, you could spend around $220 and upwards.


Once you get the paint and are ready to make the old new again, here are a few tips we can share with you. Use an aerosol primer. Tip the can upside down and depress the nozzle for a few seconds. Wait until the paint stops coming out. After, wipe off the nozzle with a cloth. This prevents the nozzle from being clogged the next time you use the can. For best results, apply a second coat of white paint within 1 hour of applying the first coat. Using True Value X-O Rust sprays paint gives you an opportunity to skip priming. This is because it its formula allows to primer and paint in one step.


Repairing rust on a wrought iron fence


Superman had Lex Luthor. Iron fences have rust. It is the greatest enemy against outdoor fencing. To get rid of rust, it is first brushed off using a wire brush or 160-grit sandpaper. For the areas that have heavy rusting, 80-grit sandpaper may be needed. You will be working towards using finer and finer sandpaper as you go. Rubbing steel wool across the affected area helps smooth the iron and prepares it for the application of rust-preventing sealant and paint. Before going forward, make sure to lay something down where you will be working to protect nearby bricks, concrete or plants. Next, apply a rust inhibitor to the fencing. This solvent stops moisture from penetrating into the iron and causing any further rusting. It also acts as a primer for the paint. After that has set, paint can be put on.


Repairing a wrought iron fence


Maybe you want to repair the fence first. Great. Here’s what you will need to do. First, sand away any rust or chipped paint. Use a wire brush to work around the tight curves and the ornate designs that are usually part of the fencing. Rust inhibitor is next and to be applied to all surfaces of the wrought iron. After that’s done, apply an oil-based metal paint primer to the fence. Once that is dry, grab some ruse-resistant paint. This type of paint is only used on metal exteriors and can be found at most home renovation stores. Some colours do require that application of multiple coats. Each coat must be dry before the next coats go on.


Welding is always an option for a fix. If you feel like you can take the job, that’s amazing. This is where you will cut sections of the fence with a saw for exact cutting. Make sure to get rid of all unwanted jags or angles that could make the sections not to be flush. This is where the welder uses a MIG welding gun to weld the sections together. The temperature of the welding gun slowly increases until a proper heat penetration, and melding of the iron is achieved. However, we do recommend calling a professional welder if you decide to weld your fence.


Thanks so much for reading Home Painters Toronto and finding out how much it would cost to paint a wrought iron fence and steps on how to repair them. Remember to take your time, and If you don’t feel comfortable painting or repairing the fence yourself, you can always call us up and have us do it for you! It’s never too early to jump into the wild world of home painting, and we’d love to be your guide on how to paint a wrought iron fence.

Repairing a wrought iron fence



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