popcorn & stucco ceilings flattening and removal


Popcorn or stucco ceilings have been a mainstay and very typical feature in homes for the past several decades. After all, they hide any builder and surface defects and are super simple and cost-effective to spray on for contractors in mass production. So popcorn ceilings made a lot of sense for builders and contractors back in the day. The ugly truth is that many popcorn ceilings are a source of asbestos, and that’s why many homeowners are changing them sooner rather than later.

In 2020, on the other hand, never has there been an interior decorating debate in The Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario more heated than this: to remove your stucco popcorn ceiling OR to simply live with it and re-paint it every once in a while! That is the dilemma for many Toronto-area homeowners.

At Home Painters, we are always trying to keep up with the trends, and this has been one of our most in-demand services as of late. It’s been so popular that we’ve created a short video to show you how flattening popcorn ceilings is done and the stunning results it can produce for your home!

what are the advantages of flattening your popcorn or stucco ceilings for your interior?

Why would someone go through the trouble of removing the stucco at all since it is such a big project?  Well there are several benefits to flattening stucco ceilings. For example:

  • A flat ceiling will make your room look a lot bigger. It will also make the room feel less busy and much cleaner, thus allowing the room to “open up.” 
  • A flat ceiling gives you the benefit of installing pot lights. Pot lights not only enhance the lighting options, but makes the room look sleeker, brighter, and more finished.
  • Flattened ceilings are cleaner and more hygienic. Stucco is a huge breeding ground for dust, dirt, grime, cobwebs, and more. You can go years without realizing just how filthy your popcorn ceilings truly are. With flat ceilings, any defects and dirt become more visible, so you can clean them quickly and easily with a vacuum whenever necessary.
  • Flat ceilings also simply look more modern. Without a doubt, this can be one of the biggest treats for your interior. Bigger, sleeker, cleaner, newer…who can argue with that?!

Having read all this, if you can’t stand a stucco ceiling you should know that it is not a death sentence ☺. Most stucco can be removed without requiring major reconstruction of your ceiling. Removing a stucco ceiling can still be a messy and time-consuming job for one person.  But the result is the flat, smooth ceiling of your dreams for years to come.

You may be thinking, try to DIY it and do it yourself?  Sure, take a look at this article to see how you can flatten a stucco ceiling yourself.

If this excites you, then here is a ‘how to’ video on how to flatten a popcorn ceiling as well!

On the other hand, now that you have learned how to execute this lengthy, scruffy, strenuous process, you may decide that this popcorn stucco ceiling flattening project is far too grand and messy to take on single-handedly.  For this reason, you may want to consider hiring a professional to take this big home improvement project off your hands. 

When it comes to flattening popcorn ceilings, at Home Painters we love making our client’s dreams a reality.  In less than a week, we can complete this long, vigorous, arduous flattening process so they can live in their dream house “popcorn free” for years to come.  

As always, we also stand behind our work with a life time warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee! We will not consider your project finished until your home is completely clean and left in the same or better condition than when we first arrived! 

What this really means to you is: NO choking on plaster dust, NO scuffs on your floors, and NO mess for you to worry about! We use plastic sheeting and drop cloths to completely protect your furniture, walls, and floors while we are flattening your popcorn ceiling.

So you’ve decided to get your popcorn ceilings flattened. Now what?


Here is what to do if you are interested in getting rid of your old popcorn ceilings and flattened your ceilings for good:


Step 1: Contact us NOW and we will schedule your in-house popcorn flattening estimate immediately. Remember, we have the fastest response out of all painters in the industry so you won’t need to wait forever for us to get back to you.

Step 2: Our popcorn ceiling flattening expert will arrive on-site and give you a quote on the spot, most likely in less than 30 minutes. This will involve a needs assessment to ensure that our estimate lines up with your expectations.

Step 3: When you book the job with us, we will go over how we plan to protect your items, contain the dust as much as possible, and clean up, since it is such a messy process. We will then book an ideal date for you, choose a colour for your ceiling, arrange a flexible payment method, and charge your deposit.

Step 4: On the first day, we will show up and review the scope with you briefly just to make sure we are on the same page as you are.

Then, we will immediately start prepping the area. This includes covering your furniture with plastic, putting down drop sheets on the floor, and setting up any other areas to ready them for removal and flattening. Once the room prep is done, we will start scraping, skim plastering, and sanding as needed to ensure a nice, smooth, flat finish.  

When the ceiling is completely flat, we will prime it and do one more check for discrepancies. Then, we’ll finish it off with a coat of top-of-the line Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams latex paint. 

Step 5: Since the popcorn ceiling flattening process is usually a multi-day process due to dry times, we will update you regularly throughout the job to ensure you know exactly what is going on throughout the process. 

Step 6: Once we are complete and your ceilings are flattened, we will do a walkthrough with you. If you’re not home when we finish the project, we will be sure to follow-up with you when you are. Our #1 goal is to ensure that you are happy with the job. Only when you are 100% happy will we process your final payment.  

As mentioned, we are so confident that we can take care of your needs and deliver the final product you deserve that we offer a “lifetime warranty” on all our interior services. This is a warranty that has only ever been offered by us in the history of painting!


Next Steps?

Now that you know that you want to get rid of your popcorn and flatten your ceilings, contact us NOW and we will make this dream project a reality!


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