How to Install Drywall on a Basement CeilingHow to Install Drywall on a Basement Ceiling

You may be wondering how to install drywall on your basement ceiling if you have never done it before. Truth is, it can be a challenge if you are by yourself, but it can be done. Read on for the steps to follow and some tips to make it easier for you.

Your Drywall Basement Ceiling Materials Checklist:

  1. ¾” drywall sheets
  2. Tape measure
  3. Ladder or step stool
  4. Drywall saw
  5. Drywall drill bit
  6. All purpose joint compound (aka mud)
  7. Drywall tape
  8. Pencils
  9. Drywall pan
  10. Drywall hammer
  11. Power drill
  12. Drywall trowel
  13. 1 5/8 drywall screws
  14. Utility knife
  15. Drywall jack or a nice friend

How to Install Drywall on a Basement Ceiling Midblog PostSteps to Install Drywall Ceiling

1. Layout

In order to determine how many drywall sheets you will need, you have to calculate the area (length x width) of the ceiling.

Tip: Draw your layout on a piece of paper and note measurements for cuts. As you map it out, determine where you will place full sheets versus cut sheets. This will help you better visualize how you will approach the installation and remember anything important.

2. Joists

Make small marks on the walls to note where the joists are located. This will help you line up where to put the screws.

3. Full sheets

Install full sheets first. If possible, start in a corner. This is where you hopefully have a jack or a friend to help you hold up them up. When the sheet is in place and flush with the walls, use a drill with a bit and attach a screw in the four corners to secure the sheet. Then place a screw roughly every 16” along the joists.

Tip: If you are by yourself without a jack or friend, here is a neat trick to help you hold up the sheets easily. Attach a 6’ piece of 2×4 to the wall, leaving 3/4” space from the joists or blocking. Take spacer blocks and attach them to 2 separate 2×4 scraps with a screw and washer. Measure out 4’ plus ½” and attach to joists. Lift the sheet of drywall up and slide it into the space along the wall and push it up flush to the ceiling. Turn the spacers around to clamp and hold up the sheet. Now you are hands free to drill and attach the sheet to the ceiling.

4. Cut sheets

You will need to cut your sheets to accommodate any outlets, fixtures, or corners. Refer to your layout and measure out the position of the cuts. Mark the full shape. For straight cuts, you can use a utility knife to score along the marks to cut through the paper and gypsum. Be careful not to go all the way through. Fold and break away along the cut, then use the knife to slide along the crease on the opposite side to cut the seam. This will make a clean cut. For shaped cuts, use a saw for best results. Follow the lines and remove the section that is not needed. You can use the utility knife to clean up any edges that you want to keep straight and clean.

5. Finishing

Now that you have put up all the sheets, it is time to mud. That’s what the all purpose joint compound is commonly called. Using the pan and trowel, apply the mud along each seam and fill with an even layer. Measure and cut the tape and cover the seams. Pass the trowel over the tape again to set it into the mud and squeeze out any excess. Apply more mud over the tape, smoothing and fanning out a little wider as you go. Cover all the screwheads with more mud than you need and scrape away excess, smoothing as you go.

Once you are done the screwheads, let the mud on your seams dry. Then go back and mud the seams again, smoothing and fanning out even wider as you go. Once the mud is dry, it should be smooth and ready for the primer. If there are any rough spots, you might have to sand them down to create a smooth surface. Be careful not to over-sand otherwise you will have to mud again.

Now You Know How to Install Drywall ceilings

You are now ready to start your own drywall installation business! Just kidding – you are probably hoping you won’t have to do that again for a long time. Sometimes doing it yourself can be satisfying and save you some money. If you are unsure and don’t feel ready to install it yourself, that’s okay! Let us help, contact, call 416-494-9095  or click here for a FREE quote.

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