Four Signs Your Kitchen Needs A Reno

Four Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Reno


How do you know it’s time to breathe life back into your kitchen by tackling a kitchen renovation? A kitchen renovation can be a big project that consists of a variety of smaller projects including paint, new cupboards, countertops, lighting, flooring, backsplash and even a new design. The easy answer is to say “you’ll just know”. After all, you’ll probably start to stare longingly at your kitchen wishing it was more modern. You might start to think your space has become dated. You could go on feeling, but sometimes there are other signs it’s time to embark on a kitchen renovation.


1.  Kitchen Renovation: Your Current Style is Old or Dated


What are some of the signs your kitchen might be outdated and in need of a refresh? If you have solid wood cabinets with a lot of grain you might want to repaint or replace the doors with a more modern style. Take a look at your hinges. Are they brass? Are they visible from the outside of the cabinet? Today’s styles use an inside hinge that you cannot see from the outside.


Look up. What is happening the the space above your cabinets? Angled bulkheads are outdated. Modern kitchens either utilize this space with cabinets or it’s left open.


How about your countertops? Do you see seams at the edges? Today’s countertops, regardless of the material, are seamless.


Does your backsplash only come up a few inches above the counter? Is it an outdated tile? Utilizing a modern counter-to-cupboard backsplash will modernize your kitchen.


2. Kitchen Renovation: The Space Doesn’t Work For How You Cook Or Live

A big reason for a major kitchen renovation is to change the design. You might want to remove hanging peninsula cabinets to open up your space. Maybe you would like to add an island or remove a wall. Perhaps the layout doesn’t flow for how you cook. Do you have a lot of wasted cupboard space that you can’t access?


Adding a pantry or pull-outs to your corner cabinets can make your space more useful without changing too much. There are some pretty cool kitchen storage options out there now. Think about the small appliances, food items, and kitchen tools you use on a regular basis. What would make accessing them seamless while you work?


Doing a completely new redesign to open up your space can make your entire home look new. Are you constantly going to the wrong cupboard? Is there a non-loadbearing wall in the way? Would you like more natural light? If you’re starting to feel your kitchen is all wrong for how you use the space, it might be time for a complete overhaul.


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3. Kitchen Renovation: Items Need Repair


Kitchens take a lot of wear and tear. They’re one of the most well-used spaces in a home. It could be time for a kitchen renovation when you start to notice scratches, water damage or items in need of repair.


Here are the most common kitchen items to repair and replace:


  • Scratched sink – replacing your sink is a quick and easy way to refresh your space
  • Broken faucet – changing out your taps can instantly change the look of your space
  • Scratched, damaged or dented cabinet doors or drawers – sometimes you only need to replace the doors, rather than the entire cabinet
  • Broken handles – new handles can add some style to your cabinets
  • Scratched, stained or cracked countertops – your counters can take a lot, but eventually they may start to show signs of disrepair
  • Cracked tiles – whether on your floor or your wall, it’s a sign you might want to replace the entire style, rather than an individual tile
  • Broken appliances – time for a new stove or dishwasher? Might be a sign to upgrade your space
  • Walls in need of a repaint – a fresh coat of paint can instantly change the look of your space. It can also be the inspiration to make some of the other kitchen fixes


4. You Are Thinking of Putting Your House For Sale


Kitchens can sell a house! But, if you’re renovating your kitchen before you sell, you want to make sure you get a good return on investment. You also want to ensure you create a space that will appeal to your average potential buyer, and not necessarily yourself. Talk to your real estate agent and a kitchen designer to ensure anything you refresh will bring value or help increase the saleability of your home.


White, light and stainless are timeless and appealing. A designer could also advise on current kitchen trends.



Home Painters Toronto has been involved in many Toronto kitchen renovations over the course of our years of experience. We are able to work with you and your team to ensure your new kitchen meets your dreams. Kitchens can be difficult to paint as there can be a lot to paint around. You also need to choose the right paint. Let us help! Contact, call 416.494.9095  or click here for a FREE quote.


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