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If not followed correctly, you will waste your time and money staining the wrong colour, using the inferior materials, and applying the wrong process, and choosing the wrong colours and materials, resulting in poorly stained bricks.

With it, you will learn and be able to stain your bricks so they can last for decades to come.

The most commonly asked brick staining questions

Q#1: can my Bricks be Stained or Not?

Answer: If your bricks have been painted before then the answer is NO they cannot be stained.   A simple trick if you are not sure is simply splash some water on your bricks.  If the brick absorbs the water, then it can be stained.  On the other hand, if the water does not absorb and runs down, then they cannot be stained.

Q#2: How do I choose the right colour?

Answer: There is so many factors when choosing colours.  That said, the most commonly used colours in 2018, 2019, 2020 included Revere Pewter HC-172, Inukshuk CC-460, Charcoal Slate HC-178, and Kendall Charcoal HC-166.   If you are still uncertain and want to be safe, then put small test samples in areas you won’t see them and see them in daylight and when the sun is down as well.  

Q#3: how is brick staining better than brick painting?


 Brick staining is healthier for your bricks and allows them to breath better

Brick staining lasts a lot longer and almost never peels.  Brick painting on the other hand lasts on average between 7 to 10 years depending on the circumstance. 

 Brick staining barely fades over time.  On the other hand, brick painting fades a lot depending on which side of the house you are facing.  West and south facing areas of your house will fade the fastest. 

 Brick staining has more colour selection and variations since they can encompass both solid or a semi transparent stains. 

 Brick staining is a bit more expensive to apply but not outrageously more. 

Q#4: Is it better to use paint or stain?

Answer: Brick stain is always better to apply for longevity, durability, and health of your bricks.  The only exception is if your bricks have been previously painted, then brick staining is not possible. 

Q#5: Which is better, solid stain or a semi transparent stain?

Answer: Solid stain is better if you want to replicate a paint colour.  Semi transparent stain on the other hand is better if you like the current colour of your brick but you just want to change a hue in the brick. 

Q#6: What is the best way to apply the brick stain? (ie. brush, roll, spray)

Answer: All 3 applications work but depending on your situation, some work better than others.  For example, if your brick’s grout is recessed more in, then spraying works better.  On the other hand if your grout isn’t that far recessed in, then brush and roll technique works better since it saves more time of setting up and prepping. 

Q#7: Can I DIY (do it yourself)?

Answer: Yes for sure.  As long as you are an accomplished painter, have access to all the tools and ladders, and have a lot of time to spare to commit to this project.   Nothing looks worse than a half painted house.  Either do it all or not at all. 

Q#8: How much does it cost to stain my bricks if i want to hire a pro?

Answer: For the material, a gallon of brick stain ranges from $60-$80 per gallon; and 1 gallon can cover about 200-300 square feet. 

To hire a professional company can range depending on how much experience they have and their assurances.  That said, the prices for professional brick staining companies can range anywhere from $2500 to $12,000 for brick stain and labour. 

Q#9: what is the average life span of a house that is brick stained?

Answer: Brick stain almost never peels since it is absorbed by the brick.  So it should last a life time or decades to come.  

Q#10: How do i find a professional brick staining company?

Answer: Word of mouth is always the easiest most pratical way.  If that doesn’t work then search on google “Brick staining companies” or “Exterior brick stainers” and see what that comes up with on a local search.  In Canada, go on Homestars.com and search for “brick staining companies” in your city and base it on their good and bad reviews.  Or call us, HomePaintersOttawa.com and we will be GLAD to take care of you!

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Now that i am ready to stain my bricks, here is what to do?


Contact us for a free quote on your exterior brick staining.


Our brick staining expert will arrive on-site and give you a needs-and-expectations assessment and a detailed estimate on what you want repaired and restored.


Once we book the job with you, we will set up an ideal start date, assess any other issues you have, and charge your deposit.


On the first day of the job, we will do a brief walkthrough with you to confirm any other details and make sure we are on the same page as you. Then, we’ll get started on your exterior brick staining pronto! 


We will give you regular updates throughout the job so you are kept in-the-loop.


Once we have finished the job, we will clean up your surroundings and ensure we leave it looking even better than when we first arrived! Then, we will do a final walkthrough with you (assuming you are home) to make sure that you are happy with the job before we consider it complete. If you are not around, we will call, text, or e-mail you to confirm when you will be around to check out the work. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied!


We don’t process your final payment until you tell us that you’re completely happy with our work. To prove that we are 100% confident in our ability to take care of you, we offer a 15 year warranty on all brick staining services!

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