7 Ways to get a better house painting quote

Here’s how to get a better house painting quote

While painting is one of the most cost-effective and powerful projects you can do for your house, there are 7 ways you can get a cheaper house painting quote from your painter.


  1. Do your house painting research


Start your research by using an online painting calculator that allows you to insert your room dimensions and then calculates how much paint you will need. Based on prices of paint at your local stores you’ll have an idea of the costs to get a cheaper house painting quote.

Next, research general paint labour costs to find an average rate, both by the hour and per square footage, but keep in mind that these rates are often dependent on the city.

Then ask friends, family, neighbours and co-workers for house painting quotes they have had and compare what they paid if their house painting projects are similar to the work you want done. This research will provide you with a starting point so you can discuss a house painting quote with professionals you contact.


  1. Get three House Painting Quote estimates


It pays to shop around for most things in life and getting a house painting quote is no different. Get a few quotes for the painting project and also ask to see the breakdown between materials and labour costs since you are familiar with these prices from your research.

This will present opportunities where you can see how costs from the quote can be trimmed such as choosing a cheaper paint, as long as it doesn’t double the labour time by requiring several coats.

If the house painting quote is a per hour or per square foot, suggest a whole project price with a discount instead. Or ask for a lower hourly rate or lower per square foot price if you increase the size of the job by adding more rooms or areas.

Also call a painter’s references, review their credentials, and check whether they are licensed and insured to avoid financial issues with getting the job done right and safely. You don’t want any unexpected costs such as repairing damage.


  1. Do the prep work


You can save money by doing some of the painting preparation work yourself. Preparation work includes clearing the area of clutter, removing art and mirrors, pushing furniture into the center of the room and covering it up. This will save your painter time so ask the quote to be trimmed based on this help.

Also ask your painter to make suggestions on what else you could do to save him time (and you money) such as washing walls, filling holes and cracks, sanding, masking, removing wall plates, laying drop cloths — as long as you are good at these skills. If all he has to do is show up with the paint and tools and begin right away, you’ll save him time and that saves you money.

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  1. Be flexible on timing


Painting is generally less expensive to get done in winter since painters have fewer outdoor jobs on their list. So if you can have the job done then, you’ll be able to negotiate a better price during this slow season when painters are eager for work.


  1. Compare paint costs


Paint comes in a range of prices — but generally you do get what you pay for in terms of its coverage and quality. But to save money, you could consider a cheaper paint for rooms that are seldom used such as the basement, and higher quality paint for your main floor living rooms, hallways and kitchen that see a lot of action in the form of scratches and scrapes from family and friends.

Also ask your painter what paint he can get discounts on to save you money and also watch for paint sales at local stores if supplying your own paint helps lower the house painting quote.


  1. Promote the painter’s business


If you have a large network or friends, family, co-workers and neighbours, offer to help the painter get future business for a cheaper house painting quote. Also let him put a sign on your lawn or door advertising his company for an extended period of time. If you have lots of friends and followers on any social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, offer to feature his work online to grow his business.


  1. Negotiate


No matter what house painting quote you’re given, simply ask for a lower price. Based on the painter’s schedule and future work lined up, he may give you a better price if he’s eager for work. Remember to think of other variables such as your home’s architecture, required equipment, etc before trying to haggle. Lastly, always remember to be kind! It quite literally pays back to have a good sense of charisma and manners.


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